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Teachings of the Way: The Infinite Heart

Toward Spiritual Realization
Remembrance, Understanding, and Function.

The "lesser school" is open.

These ongoing meetings are for the individual who is serious about going further toward real experience and is willing to place himself or herself toward that ideal. It will include practices and approaches toward Spiritual Realization, Remembrance, Understanding, and Function. This is the next step in building a circle of work and learning. This type of work and meetings are again being offered. How they develop will depend upon the capacity and interest of those attending. Nothing is demanded. All is given. Only you can determine if this is appropriate for you. Come, feel, and find out - if you wish. You may show up at the door. However, it is also very appropriate to contact me prior to attending. Through that, you may find it is not what you seek. Or, I may offer some suggestions as to how to proceed.

We will focus upon experience and will delve deeply into several topics and approaches. This will not be accomplished in a day or week; although it can be caught in an instant - in a breath. You will work while here, yet live forever, and for the rest of your life will continue further. It is not a class to learn, but one to unlearn. You will have to decide for yourself if it is real teachings. Your decision has no bearing on what it really is. Come and find out for yourself. Unity of being, realness in function: this is the path of perfection of the personality.

Each week we will do what is correct, appropriate, and needed for the persons attending. Over time you should develop greater clarity of mind, breath, and being, have a much greater understanding and feeling for what is called the Spiritual Path, and what is needed to go further. You should grow with a wider and higher consciousness and increased abilities in actually living toward what is called The Real, which is what you are, but only have forgotten for a time. For the one(s) who seek to go further, this has the opportunity to open to much more higher work and living. In each class there will time for conversation and discussion. All of this is presented from the Universal Perspective.

Please E-mail for more details or driving directions.

You will likely have ongoing practices and work to do between classes. This is not a one-time thing, rather the intention is that it will be ongoing and deepening. Accordingly, if you are looking for some quick fix or supernatural immediate experience, please go elsewhere. This will not be satisfying. We will work with practices as development tools. This will include story work, walks, breath work, healing, sound and recitation work, as well as readings, contemplations, and attunements. It will be focused.

While it will be necessary to offer and consider many introductory aspects of spiritual development and the path, these meetings will be for those who are serious about progressing further. There is no specific charge for these classes; however you will expected to make an appropriate contribution. This is something you will have to discern. Essentially, this will reflect what you should do from an inner or intuitive perspective. You are also welcome to write an email or call should you wish to discuss possibilities further or if you have any questions.

It will be useful to browse through the contents page and see to what you are drawn. Read several pages before deciding to come. I STRONGLY suggest you that read the following pages:
A little poem
About the Spiritual Learning Endeavor
A perspective of this web site
On Classes and Meetings
Questions and Answers about classes
The Purpose of Regular Meetings.
A Curriculum of a School.
Case Twenty-seven: It is Not Mind, It Is Not Buddha, It Is Not Things.

It is also useful to consider the following:

A Morning Prayer: used also at the start of certain group practices or gatherings.

Spiritual Enlightenment: by Soyen Shaku

The following are adapted from The Message Volumes of Inayat Khan. It may be beneficial to read them in this order.
     First, Mysticism
     Next, Initiation
     Then, Discipleship

An Apprenticeship to living the mystic life: A writing on what to expect in approaching and taking part in this guidance and transmission, as well as aspects of other real transmissions.

An Introduction to Spiritual Practices: Please read this before doing practices.

Story Work 1: How stories are used and worked with in some group settings.

  • Story Work 2: More on an approach to the use of teaching stories.

    4 lessons on the Circle of Remembering.
    More on what a Circle of Remembering is.
    Attuning in a Circle.
    Guidelines, Suggestions, and Reminders at a Circle of Remembering

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