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Exploring Why you are here.

Please first read the page On the names of various paths and practices to get a better idea of the point of view of much of the work presented here. Then return here and continue.

With very rare exception, sitting in front of a computer or tv monitor is not the place the place to consider the following. It is also, NOT the place to work with the material presented here in general. If you have a printer, you print this page and the ones following in this introduction. If you do not have a printer, then write it down. Then consider what is said in a quiet place.

Second, at any time you want, you can click away from this page; read and/or follow in depth any and all of the practices described on other pages. Being able to do so does not mean this this might be beneficial or appropriate to do. It could even be a waste of time or effort; and in some extreme situations, could also be a detriment.

The appropriateness of a teaching is most important for it to function correctly. This means that it must be the correct teaching, at the right time, in the right setting, for the right person. If that is you, now, through this medium; and you are also able to approach it and apply it properly/correctly, then it has the potential to be advantageous. If you are unable to do so, then it is ineffective.

Therefore there are several steps to take before reading on. The first thing to consider is why you are here. That includes what you expect or hope to gain from this material.

The next thing to consider is if this can be of any value to you.

If it can potentially be of value, the first consideration at this point is how.

After that will come the ways to access it; the order, the use of the practices, their applications; and then and only then will it be time to start.

However, just because you feel you have come here to benefit in a more real way than those who visit for intellectual purposes, does not necessarily mean that is so. And even more basic, is if, in your current development, you are really able to consider these questions at all.

Pause and reflect before going further. If you are in front of the computer screen or other monitor, it is time to print out or write down the main points here. Then move into a different atmosphere in quiet. Turn off the computer if you have absolutely no other place to go. Otherwise leave the room, and go somewhere you can be alone.

Now wait several minutes, just sitting and relaxing. After that, follow your breath. Relax. Focus your mind, quiet it, and get rid of all other intrusions. Then, when your mind and thoughts are quiet, pose the question to yourself: "Why am I really considering this work?" Stop here and do that before continuing.

When you are finished and satisfied that you have examined this question thoroughly and come to a conclusion - as far as you can go now - then, and only then, go on to the next step. If it takes you several times of sitting and considering, over several days before you feel it is time to move on; then do that first.

However, if you are having problems doing this then you will have to resolve those problems first. They could be lack of concentration, where your mind wanders or you are unable to quiet your thoughts; a block of some sort which keeps you from getting an intuitive sense or feel for the answer you seek; a mixture of thought with feeling; contradictory information or sense; or something else. If any of these are the case, then read these steps for correctives.

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